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Want to surf in Newport Beach and need a board?  You’ve come to the right place.  Whether you’re a beginner or advanced surfer, or somewhere in between, we’ve got the right board for your needs.  We carry a full line of shortboards, longboards and soft tops.  So, whether this is your first time in the water, or you’ve surfed you’re whole life and are on the road without your favorite stick, we’ve got the right board for you.  We carry all shapes and sizes.

Not sure what size or shape surfboard you need, or where to begin?  You can rely on our years of surfing experience and local knowledge to put you on the right board for your size, style and ability.  We’ve been surfing Newport for years.  We’ll use that knowledge and experience to make sure you have the best experience possible.  And having fun in the water starts with getting the right board for you and for the current conditions.

First time in Newport?  First time in the water?  We’ll get you dialed in and tell you where to go.  If you’re a beginner, we’ll point you to where the waves are mellow, fun and best for learning.  Besides finding the right board for you, we point you to the right waves.  There are all kinds of beach breaks up and down Newport with varying levels of surfers at each.  We’ll make sure you paddle out at the right break for your ability.

We apologize.  We’re temporarily not renting surfboards.  Call the Frog House surf shop at 949.642.5690 to rent a great board.


Surfboard Rentals

While we’re temporarily not renting surfboards, we recommend you call the Frog House Surf Shop at 949.642.5690 for the right rental.  Those guys will get you dialed in.  It doesn’t matter your size, style or ability, the guys at the Frog House will put the right board under your feet.  The tight knit crew at the Frog House surf the waters in front of their shop every day, and know the exact board you’ll need for the current conditions.  Having been in the same location since the 60′s, the shop itself is a major piece of Newport surfing history.  So, while you’re there, pick up a tshirt too and get the full Frog House experience.


Surfing Basics

Always be aware of the conditions around you.  If you get stuck in a rip, don’t paddle into it.  Paddle parallel to the beach until you’re out of it.

If you’re paddling for the same wave as someone else, the person closest to the peak has priority.  The peak is the part of the wave that breaks first before peeling down the line.  Typically this part of the wave allows you to stand up first.

Wait until you can feel the wave pushing you to stand up.  It’s helpful to start in the white wash util you get the feel of it.

To stand up, put each hand on each rail and pop up.  Remember to stay low and keep your knees bent.

And don’t forget if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.


Surf Tours

If you want, we’ll take you surfing.

Surf Tours are custom designed surf sessions that include transportation to/from surf breaks, surfboard rental and basic surfing advice depending on experience level.  Actual surfing time varies depending on choice of surf break and drive time.  Transportation time is included in length of the Surf Tour.

Call us at 310.999.9180 to get more information and pricing.

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